Achieve with Fun and  Creative Art Challenges - unlock creativity for individuals and teams, fire up your vision and ability to innovate.

If you want to have fun and an opportunity to think outside the box examine particular issues or even effect change become creative through Art. . 

Allan Storer is in a unique position – not only a successful artist but also a professional qualified educationalist and experienced group facilitator perfectly placed to design and deliver the right programme for your company or group.

How a session could help your team:

Creativity…develop creative thinking, individually and as a group

Communication…increase effectiveness, build trust, create unity

Values and vision…explore and express your organisation’s core values

Team cohesion…working together towards a common goal

Fun days…unwind, motivate, inspire and reward

Art Social

-if you're looking for something  quirky and a fun event rather than the seroius stuff and fed up with the endless cycle of grabbing drinks or (gasp!) dinner at bars and restaurants we’ve been to dozens of times before why not give an Art Social a try?

You are Welcome to bring a bottle and nibbles along (not compulsory) 

Chill and Learn Oils.  

 This is a bespoke event and I will organise this event around your schedule and you need to be a group of no more than four. If you want the workshop elsewhere with larger numbers we can discuss. 

 Early Friday nights are good though other times are fine too.  All materials are provided and all  I need is seven days notice.  

If this works for you, please email or tel. 07866506841


 To all Organisers of ART TALKS FOR art GROUPS, other groups AND ORGANISATIONS.

My talk on  Leonora Carrington  prolific painter and internationally celebrated member of the surrealist movement explores how Carrington established her distinctive take on surrealism against the backdrop of the Surrealist movement. 

Born to a wealthy English family and becoming one of Mexico's most celebrated artists she was a Surrealist femme enfante working alongside key members of the Surrealist movement, such as Andre Breton and Salvador Dahli.  Her love affair with Max Ernst and her paintings, filled with eccentric characters  shifting  between  animal and human objects, including a nervous breakdown make her arguably more famous for her personal life than her art..

If this is a talk for you, please email or tel. 07866506841


“Allan Storer’s talk on Surrealism at the St. Ives Art Festval changed my mind about my previous prejudiced views on the subject. I am now a convert. Thank you Allan Storer ”


“Whoopee ! Great talk Allan, I knew you could do it ”



“When I heard Allan was giving another talk to the artists group of lawyers in the Law Society I went along, having heard him speak at the St. Ives Art Festival I knew it would be just as insightful and interesting. I was not mistaken ”



17 Jul

Friendly well taught oil painting class :)


10 Oct

Love classes with Allan. Very friendly environment, great encouragement, it's really helped me find my feet in the art.


11 Apr

I really enjoyed it and and will be back again soon. We went through some basic colour wheel blending and tips and even though I’m not a beginner it was very useful. Quirky funny teacher


2 May

This was my first oil painting class and I loved it.


2 Jun



4 Jun

Really good session, learning how to mix colours in oil paint. Allan is a good teacher with a strong sense of humour. He takes the time to speak to each individual and help them improve. The Kingston studio is light and airy. Good workspace and easy to find.


17 Jul

A very helpful and well organised course on the basics of colour mixing in oils, useful for both beginners and improvers. The tutor demonstrated well, and was encouraging to individual students, and the general atmosphere of the group was pleasant and friendly.


A little more of the serious stuff. 

Allan Storer MA. BA. Dip.Ed.

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." Erich Fromm


Theoretical specialism: Surrealism. 

Area of interest and work is the psycho dynamic principles involved in the process of Art and Education.

Consistent with my postgraduate studies in psychology and surrealism and consequent therapeutic work in mental health and education professions, my working methodology is a faith in the artistic principle of creativity, as a fundamental coping device for healthy everyday living.

Master of Arts, Chelsea School of Art, London
Bachelor of Arts, University of Wales
Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Kings College


Postgraduate Research

Mentor Professor Toshio Watanabe - The Psychological Theories of Professors Freud and Jung and Twentieth Century Surrealism’s Impact upon the Creative Principle and Individual Development; both socially and artistically.


• Redefinition of Surrealism-Objective Chance-Second Manifesto-Relevance of Jung.
• Spirit "Surrealisme" England.
• Picasso, Ambiguity and Minotaur.
• A Rethink of Surrealism: Leonora Carrington and Jung:
• Perception of Self, Life and World - Our Only True Sense of Reality?


Director, Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea
• Director; English Language School, London
Assistant Dean of Students, International University, London
Head of Department, SEN School, London Borough of Ealing
Complex Needs Practitioner,  Special Unit, Surrey. Working with young people of secondary school age in an educational and therapeutic environment


Hesketh Hubbard Drawing Society
Princes Drawing School.
Slade School of Fine Art.
St. Ives Painting School.
Member British Federation of Artists.

National Collection of Paintings in Public Ownership, BBC
Subject of student thesis work